The kitchen should be the most messy place in the house, and cooking is also a particularly difficult thing to deal with. An inconspicuous gadget can instantly fix messes and simplify complex cooking steps in seconds.

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of home life are also higher, especially for kitchen utensils. So, next, let me introduce some useful kitchen utensils to you.

1. Magnetic suction timer

This electronic timer with magnetic suction at the back can be magnetically attracted to kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, range hoods, etc. It can count forward or count down. When the time comes, there is a clock sound, which is very convenient for timing and reminders in cooking steps.

2. Nitrile gloves

In housework gloves, the general rubber gloves have good elasticity, but thin ones are easy to be scratched, and thick ones are not easy to put on and take off.

The nitrile material is thin and has a certain hardness, toughness and slight elasticity, so it is easy to put on and take off, and it is more docile to wear, which is very convenient to protect your hands when cleaning dishes.

3. Foldable drain basket

First of all, it is made of silicone, so you don't have to worry about cutting your hands when using it, and the silicone material is hot and cold resistant, and it can also be put into a pot for draining. Fold it up when not in use, hang it on the wall or put it in a drawer without taking up space.

4. Gravity sensor oiler

It is a wide-mouth bottle, so you don’t have to worry about pouring it out when you divide the oil, and the accessories on the lid are detachable and washable.

And it is gravity-sensitive, the bottle body is slightly tilted and the lid will automatically open, the oil spout made of stainless steel will not hang oil, and the bottle body will always be clean and not greasy.

5. Oil splash net

When cooking, there will often be hot oil splashing out of the pot. When you have an anti-oil splash net, you can quickly cover the dishes when you put them in the pot, so that there will be no oil splashing everywhere, protecting yourself and at the same time. Can reduce cleaning hassle.

6. Hanging paste storage box

There are always some spaces in the home that are not fully utilized. This kind of slide rail storage box with stickers on the back can make full use of these places. For example, the space next to the water pipe under the sink can be used to store some small cleaning supplies, kitchen gadgets, etc.

7. Seasoning box with desiccant

This seasoning box has a desiccant inside, which can effectively absorb moisture. The inner side of the lid is designed with a card slot for desiccant, and the desiccant inside can be replaced regularly, which is very convenient and solves the problem of the seasoning being damp and deteriorating.

8. Kitchen wipes

If the frequency of cooking in the kitchen is high, it is especially important to choose kitchen wipes. It is very convenient to wipe the stove and range hood after cooking.

It can also be used to wipe the scale on the faucet and the sink, and it is also very clean. It can perfectly replace the traditional rags, easy to clean and save the troublesome process of cleaning the rags.

9. Gas hanging board

The pipes under the water heater are messy, not only to hide the ugly, but also to be practical and beautiful. The gas hanging board can also be used as a storage area to store some kitchen gadgets while covering the ugly.

The gas hanging board can be directly pasted and fixed, and the side has been upgraded with a white baffle, which perfectly solves the problem of cluttered pipes.

10. Hand sweep light strip

Is the washing and cutting area under the cabinet in your kitchen dark and inconvenient to access items? All you need is a hand sweep light strip.

First of all, it is magnetically charged, which saves the trouble of wiring. You only need to take it off when charging, and then attach it to the cabinet after charging. The light of the LED is very bright and the induction is very sensitive.

Although it is rechargeable, the battery is relatively durable and can be used for half a month on a single charge.

The kitchen is an important area in our home that carries our happiness, because food is made here every day. Use these practical kitchen tools to boost your well-being!