Indian cuisine is famous for curry, which mainly uses different foods such as fish and vegetables to mix a variety of spices and has a strong aroma. It is said that Indian cuisine is characterized by a lot of seasonings, the most famous of which should be Indian curry fried rice.

Indian Curry Fried Rice is a home-cooked dish that is served by pouring the curry sauce over the rice. The curry rice is golden in color, spicy and fragrant, looks very appetizing.

Indian curry fried rice is highly nutritious, it is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fat and calories. Indian curry fried rice can promote saliva secretion, increase gastrointestinal motility and increase appetite.

In addition to curry fried rice, there are many very famous street food in India, let's take a look.

1. Indian crispy balls

Indian crispy balls are one of the common snacks on the streets of India. They can be fried or fried in sand, and they are hollow balls after they are made.

When eating, the vendor will press out a hole with their fingers and add dry peas, cooked potatoes, chickpeas and other ingredients into it.

Then, a special Indian sauce will be poured on it. This sauce has several different flavors, and finally it is made with sauces such as masala, which are loved by Indians.

2. Indian street drinks

Many drinks on the streets of India are freshly squeezed, but instead of using a juicer, you squeeze the fruit directly with your hands, then add soda and mint leaves, and the stall will carry a large block of ice to shave some ice. Add chopped ice,we will feel cool after eating that.

3. Indian triangle rice balls

Indian triangular rice ball is one of the special snacks that can often be seen on the streets of India. The triangular rice ball is made of rice or potato and flour, and then mixed with various seasonings and kneaded directly by hand. It is very popular in India.

4. Burnt betel leaves

Indian traders cut the betel leaves into the same size and shape, and then spread honey, essence, sesame oil and exclusive secret formula on the leaves, and finally put a spoonful of sauce, spread them all evenly, wrap the leaves, and fire it and then give it to guests.

Looking at the burning betel leaves, some tourists are often frightened, but the Indians have no worries ,and even give two thumbs up after eating. Maybe many people are worried about safety, but don't worry, the flame goes out before it enters the mouth, and it can't burn the lips at all.

Did these introductions arouse your interest in Indian street food? These street food prices are very cheap, if you have the opportunity, you can try it.