Nowadays, with the development of the times, suits are accepted by more and more people and become very popular. Large and small companies have regulations on wearing suits, and some people choose tailor-made suits because of their hobbies.

As a classic style, the suit has been warmly welcomed by men over the years because of its simple and exquisite tailoring process. For business men, what colors can't go wrong with a workplace suit? Let's take a look below!

1. Navy blue

Navy blue is a very atmospheric suit color. It not only gives the suit a sense of stability but also gives vitality, making it delicate and dynamic. Many people think that black suits should be worn in the workplace. For this kind of thinking, we need to break it.

Navy blue makes the workplace no longer dull, but presents a positive atmosphere. Navy blue is not restricted by age. Whether you are a young man or a mature man, the effect of wearing will be doubled.

2. Gray

Gray is divided into dark gray and light gray. Dark gray is dull and heavy, while light gray becomes much more refreshing. This gray before black and white has both black stability and white freshness, casual and formal. At the same time, it is not easy to make mistakes in any occasion.

3. Khaki

Khaki is also one of the most popular colors, especially in winter, customizing a khaki suit can easily become the focus of the crowd.

Khaki gives people a warm feeling and plays a certain role in keeping warm visually. If you want to be more warm, you can match it with a gray coat, which looks gentle and outstanding.

A suit is the best way for men to express themselves. Bright and broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and a perfect inverted triangle make people feel elegant and powerful.

It is not easy to wear a suit to look good, and there are many types of corresponding ties. A suitable tie can make the overall coordination of the suit. The following will introduce the principles of choosing a tie when wearing a suit.

1. Preferred plain color

The so-called plain colors refer to monochrome, low-saturated colors and weak contrasting colors, which are naturally a little gray, not high-key, and can be perfectly matched with most suits.

The best of plain colors is black, which is versatile and versatile. There is no suit that it can't match, even those very flowery shirts can be handled calmly.

2.The width is particular about

Choose wide or narrow, depending on your mindset and your aesthetic, as well as the formality of the occasion you are wearing a suit.

Generally speaking, narrow ties have a strong sense of fashion and are more suitable for casual wear and are worn on less formal occasions; while wide ties give people a sense of stability visually and are suitable for formal occasions.

3. Choose the right length

How long is the appropriate length after wearing a tie? The most reasonable is that the tip just covers the belt buckle, which will make people's body proportions more harmonious. If the tie is too long and is placed under the belt, the proportion of the upper body is artificially elongated, and the legs will appear short.

Suit is a good choice for men in both formal occasions and daily leisure. Learning how to match them will improve the temperament and image of the whole person. Let’s master the charm of suits together!