Yoga can make people embark on a wonderful journey. Regular practice of yoga will never end surprise you and make you addicted. Outdoor yoga can breathe fresh air, get closer to nature, and feel the artistic conception of the combination of nature and body.

No matter the season, it's wonderful to take a yoga mat and practice outdoors. Even the simplest asanas can connect with nature and listen to the sounds of nature and the body.

Nature has a magical power that quietly opens your body in a silent way. The fresh wind blows into the bottom of my heart, and we listen to the inner voice together in yoga. Outdoor yoga has many benefits, let's take a look!

1. Away from the city

Outdoor yoga keeps you away from the city, you can better feel the nature, and enjoy the wonderful artistic conception brought by the blue sky, white clouds, breeze and green grass. At this time, you can stretch your body to the fullest and forget all the troubles in work and life.

2. Healing the mind and body

Outdoor yoga can not only let you forget your troubles faster, but also correct your body shape, especially the spinal deformation caused by bad sitting posture. In addition, outdoor yoga can also treat and prevent headaches, insomnia and other diseases.

3. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

In yoga, breathing is very important, and outdoor yoga is performed outdoors, which can breathe fresher air. The high oxygen content of nature can improve your heart and lungs better than indoor yoga.

Outdoor yoga has many benefits, but there are also many caveats.

1. Keep calm

In outdoor yoga, the first thing you should pay attention to is not to be disturbed by the outside world. Don't be disturbed by some sudden noise, it is important to try to maintain a calm state of mind.

2. Sunscreen, insect repellent

The evening is the most exciting time for human body functions. If you can practice outdoor yoga during this time, it will have the best effect. If it is summer, outdoor yoga should also pay attention to protective measures. Remember to apply sunscreen, anti-mosquito skin care products.

3. Drink more water

During exercise, you must remember to add more water, which can promote metabolism and make exercise more effective. Remember not to drink too many carbonated beverages, or you will be further and further away from the road to health.

Sometimes, when we are preparing to practice yoga outdoors, we will be in an embarrassing situation because the preparations are not done well and the things are not brought with us?

In fact, to practice yoga outdoors, you need to bring all the equipment to be able to do yoga easily! Let's see what to bring.

1. Yoga clothes

Choose comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and try not to wear tight underwear.

2. Yoga mat

A professional and comfortable yoga mat is an essential piece of equipment when doing yoga. A good yoga mat can reduce sports injuries and bring the passion of sports to enthusiasts.

3. Yoga towel

The yoga towel can absorb the sweat on the yoga mat and prevent the body from contacting the yoga mat and inhaling bacteria after exercising and sweating. There are anti-slip particles on the back, which can be spread on the yoga mat and also have a good massage effect.

4. Yoga bag

The larger body design makes it easy to include yoga mats, clothing, and accessories together, making it easy to carry around, suitable for beginners and yoga teachers.

5. Water bottle

Use water bottles to fill mineral water, try not to have too much sugar, in order to maintain the replenishment and metabolism of water.

When you're ready, start our outdoor yoga journey and get in touch with nature!