What could be more relaxing than coming home from work and lounging on a leather couch?

A leather sofa is a high-grade furniture product, usually using high-quality natural leather as the fabric of the sofa, with good texture, feel comfortable, high durability, and other characteristics.

However, due to the higher price of leather sofas, need to make comprehensive considerations before buying, and choosing the right style and price for their families.

The selection of leather sofas needs to pay attention to the following points.

1. Choice of leather: leather sofas have different quality levels of leather, and prices vary.

Generally speaking, cowhide is the most commonly used leather, and has better quality and comfort. You should choose the right leather according to your budget and needs.

2. Structure design: leather sofa structure design should be solid and can ensure service life.

Pay attention to the weight-bearing capacity and comfort of the sofa, especially whether the bottom has sufficient support and whether the cushions are soft.

3. Appearance and size: the appearance and size of the leather sofa should match the home decoration style and space size. Color and shape to match the overall home, do not be too abrupt.

4. Brand and after-sales service: Choosing a well-known brand of leather sofa that can guarantee quality and after-sales service, and generally have a longer warranty period.

In addition, you can understand the business after-sales service policy and after-sales service quality.

5. Price: leather sofa price is higher, and should be selected according to their budget. Price is not the only selection criterion, should take into account the above factors to choose.

Maintenance of leather sofas needs to pay attention to the following points.

1. Avoid direct sunlight: long time sunlight will make the leather sofa color fade and leather harden. Therefore, the sofa should be placed in a place to avoid direct sunlight.

2. Avoid contact with moisture: the leather sofa is not resistant to water, once stained with moisture, easy to lead to hardening of the leather, cracking, and other problems. Therefore, should avoid using water to clean.

3. Regular cleaning: use a clean dry cloth or soft brush to gently wipe the surface of the dust and stains. If the stain is more serious, you can use professional leather cleaner to clean it.

4. Use a leather maintenance agent: every once in a while, you can use a leather maintenance agent regularly for leather sofa maintenance, to maintain the softness and gloss of the sofa.

5. Avoid heavy crushing: leather sofa surface is easy to be scratched or burned, so you should avoid heavy crushing and the use of sharp objects to scratch.

In short, the correct maintenance method can extend the life of the leather sofa, so that it always remains soft, glossy, and beautiful.