We believe that those who have seen the South Sea Hunter will be very impressed with it. In addition to hunting large cetaceans, the fishermen on these small Indonesian islands also hunt marine life called manta rays.

A manta ray can feed nearly 20 people, while a whale can feed nearly 2,000 people.

Although these fishermen have been condemned by many animal protectionists, they continue to live this primitive life.

They continue to fish and hunt, and manta rays are nearly extinct because of human hunting.

Manta rays, also known as devil fish, are cartilaginous fish that live in tropical and subtropical regions.

They have lived on earth for nearly 120 million years, and because they look like bats carrying a virus, people call them devil fish.

Manta rays have a very broad and flat bodies.

The rectangular body with a very slender tail, making it look as if it is a fish from hell.

If you look at the appearance alone, manta rays have a scary looking. But the manta ray is a very docile and quiet fish.

Manta rays often swim near coral reefs but are not aggressive in any way.

Although their intelligence is comparable to that of cetaceans and they are very friendly to humans, they are often hunted and killed by humans.

Manta rays are gregarious and know how to work together. When hunting for plankton and fish in the sea, they drive their prey into an enclosure and begin to eat together.

When eating, manta rays open their mouths wide to allow the food to flow into their mouth with the seawater.

Then, they will filter out the seawater, leaving only the food left.

This feeding characteristic is very similar to that of baleen whales.

The manta ray is also like the cetaceans.

In the sea, it swims upward in a rotating position. When close to the surface, it quickly springs up its body and soars through the air, just like a flying fish.

Whenever this happens, scientists can conclude that the manta ray that jumped out of the sea may be being chased by fishermen.

Or maybe it's because the parasites on its body have been torturing it to death.

Humans don't just kill manta rays because they want to eat their meat.

Rather, centuries ago people simply believed that the manta's gill rakers were good for the human body. This is the main reason why they lose their lives.

The number of manta rays killed globally is about 100,000 per year, but the actual number caught is probably much higher.

But there is no scientific basis for any of this. If humans still stubbornly believe that manta rays are good for people, then the manta rays will become extinct.