Chinese table tennis has always been a leading position in the international arena, giving birth to a large number of outstanding athletes. But how did table tennis develop so strongly in China? Table tennis has become one of the most popular sports in China for a variety of reasons. It is relatively easy to learn and practice, making it accessible to people of all ages, and it has become a part of Chinese culture that is deeply rooted and appreciated. Additionally, China’s strong government support and investment in table tennis as a national sport have helped to create an environment where world-class players can train and excel.

Table tennis did not originate in China, it was first invented in Europe. However, it was in China that it was developed and popularized. As the audience for table tennis grew in China, coupled with its requirements for a venue, its affordable price, and its novel and healthy workout, this allowed the sport to spread and develop rapidly in China. It gradually became the national sport of China.

When it comes to the development of Chinese table tennis, we have to take the most representative figures. In the decades after the introduction of table tennis to China, it was the 25th World Table Tennis Championship in 1959 in which the Chinese National Table Tennis Team participated that brought Chinese table tennis into the world.

This tournament was a milestone for Chinese table tennis! At this World Table Tennis Championship, the Chinese team managed to take down the first world championship of the new China, breaking China's embarrassment of having no champion in three consecutive world tournaments.

It was this championship that once again opened up the table tennis table to Chinese influence. At that time, China was facing the situation of having no champion in sports. China, therefore, put forward the call for a campaign to develop sports and enhance the physical fitness of the people. It was the launch of this campaign that made the development of table tennis even better.

Nowadays, after decades of development, Chinese table tennis has won hundreds of world titles in large and small table tennis tournaments at home and abroad. At one time, they swept the international table tennis scene, making many table tennis players not want to face Chinese table tennis players.

Some of the most notable figures in Chinese table tennis include Rong Guotuan, who won the first men's singles world championship in table tennis for China in 1959 by defeating famous players from various countries.

And Liu Guoliang, who was the main player, won the men's team world championship several times with his teammates and was the first table tennis player to adopt the straight cross-court technique in an official match and achieve success. He is the first "Grand Slam" winner in the history of Chinese men's table tennis, combining the Olympic Games, World Championships, and World Cup singles titles.

In conclusion, table tennis has come a long way in China since it was first introduced to the country. It has grown from a small pastime to a national sport, with many notable figures and champions emerging from the country.

The Chinese government's campaign to develop sports and enhance the physical fitness of the people, coupled with the sport's affordability and popularity, have played a crucial role in the growth of table tennis in China. It is no coincidence that table tennis has become the national game of China, but it has gone through a long process.