Rice dumpling is a food made of glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves. It is one of the festival foods in China. Later spread to Japan and other Southeast Asian countries.

Japanese rice dumplings are made of ground rice flour instead of glutinous rice. The shape of rice dumplings is different from that of Chinese rice dumplings in that it is seed-shaped.

Singaporeans love flowers. Whenever a guest comes to visit, the host will send several flowers, but also will bring rice dumplings soaked in flower juice for guests to taste.

This flower juice rice dumpling is made of green leaves wrapped in a polygonal shape, only about the size of an egg. When the green leaves are unrolled, the rice dumplings inside are made of refined rice flour dyed pale green with flower juice.

Thai rice dumplings are as small as eggs. Because it is wrapped with green reed leaves, it is light green after steaming. The taste is very good.

Mexican rice dumplings are made from coarse-grained corn flour and filled with meat and peppers. Wrapped in corn or banana leaves, it has a special flavor.

Indonesians pay special attention to rice dumpling fillings, such as chicken, shrimp, and fish. Indonesian rice dumplings are made from japonica rice, which is easier to digest, and with the attractive aroma of bamboo leaves, it is very appetizing.

Cambodian rice dumplings are not wrapped in plant leaves but in a cloth bag. Fill a cloth bag with glutinous rice, red beans, dates, etc., one layer apart, then tie the bag tightly and steam. When eating, strip off the cloth bag and eat with a knife.

So take a look at how to make rice dumplings:

1. First pour glutinous rice into a bowl, add water to clean it, then soak it in water for four hours, and cut off the top of the rice dumpling leaves.

2. Overlap the two leaves in half and fold the lower one upwards so that it forms a cone shape in your hand.

3. Put glutinous rice and other materials into the cone. Then the front rice dumplings leaf, slightly folded in, the left rice dumplings leaf to the right fold, right rice dumplings leaf to the left fold.

4. Press the rice dumpling leaves left in front of you, and finally tie them up with a small string.