There are more and more people who choose to add a bathtub at home, tired after a long day of work, running a bath in the bathtub can always eliminate all the fatigue.

How to choose a good bathtub?

To buy a bathtub of the right size, the most important things to consider include not only its shape and style, but also comfort, placement, type of faucet, and factors such as material texture and manufacturer.

It is important to check the depth, width, length, and perimeter line of the bathtub.

Some bathtubs have a special shape, with a short-sided design for the elderly and the disabled, with a small flap and an interior wall inclination that allows users to enter and exit freely.

There is also easy-to-operate control of the faucet, as well as different shapes and sizes of the surrounding handrail design, which are designed for easy access to the bathtub.

1. Water capacity: general full water capacity of about 230 to 320L.

The water in the bathtub should be able to exceed the shoulders.

The bathtub is too small, which people curled up uncomfortable, and too large is a sense of floating instability.

The height of the outlet determines the height of the water capacity.

If the length of the bathroom is not enough, you should choose a larger width or deeper bathtub to ensure that the bathtub has sufficient water.

2. Glossiness: understand the merits of the material by looking at the surface gloss.

The Cast iron enamel finish is the best.

3. Smoothness: touch the surface of the bathtub with your hand to feel whether it is smooth.

4. The firmness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, which cannot be judged by the eye, so you can stand in and feel whether there is a sinking feeling.

Steel is a hard and durable material, if you can afford it, it is best to buy a thicker steel bathtub.

5. The skirt has left and right: the skirt is distinguished as follows: when facing the wall against which the bathtub is leaning.

If the water outlet is on the left side of the person, you need to buy the left-skirt bathtub, and vice versa, buy the right-skirt bathtub.

6. Should choose a bath with non-slip measures, especially the bath used by the elderly.

7. Generally speaking, the bathtub with a hydro-massage function is larger than the ordinary bathtub, and the price is higher.

But it can bring more enjoyment and comfort to people.

8. The length of the bathtub should be matched the space of the architectural design.

It should also be adapted to the height of the user.