As winter approaches, how do we warm up when it's cold? A hot drink of course! Get up in the morning, drink a cup of hot drink, wow, a stream of heat burst through the mouth, and the whole body is warmed up. Still have no motivation to get up?

This article shares with you hot drinks from around the world to keep your winter warm!

1. Hot Chocolate

While hot chocolate is one of the most common hot drinks in the United States, with its own specialties from every coffee shop to convenience store, few people know that it originated in a historical and cultural region of Central America - Mesomerica.

The birth of the first chocolate drink can be traced back to the Mayans around 2500-3000 years ago.

Can you imagine? At the time, hot chocolate was considered a magic potion for liver and stomach problems. When hot chocolate was introduced to Europe, it was greatly improved in taste and preparation. You can buy cocoa powder and mix it directly, or you can boil milk and chocolate slowly.

As for which method is better, you will know after you try it.

2. Marsala Tea

Masala tea comes from India and means mixed spice tea. It is different from the tea drinks you drink at Starbucks, and the ingredients are more original and varied. It is made of black tea mixed with Indian spices, herbs and hot milk for a mellow and rich taste.

Traditionally, it tastes similar to spices like green cardamom, crushed cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

And now there is an upgraded version of masala tea, chai latte. Instead of espresso, this one uses steamed milk and spiced tea. The flavor isn't as strong, but it's sweeter. If you want to try this hot drink, be sure to visit a local Indian restaurant, it won't let you down.

3. Barley Tea

Barley tea is a hot water roasted grain tea made from barley. It is popular in China, Japan and Korea. In Korea, barley tea is hot in winter and cold in summer. Drinking more barley tea is good for your body, it helps lower cholesterol and sugar, and balances gut bacteria. Best of all, your teeth won't get yellow patches.

4. Bisserine

Bisserine is a specialty drink that originated in Italy in the 18th century. In Italy, Bisserine is made with espresso, liquid chocolate, and whole milk, then layered in a small round glass to look like a layered patisserie, especially appetizing.

And these ingredients are also very easy to find at home, so they are also popular with Americans.

5. Hot Maple Syrup

The essence of maple is maple syrup. This sugar with a strong maple aroma is rich in minerals and trace elements, and it is worth mentioning that its calories are lower than other sugars! And in winter in Europe, people like to drink hot maple syrup.

It's a hot drink made with pure maple syrup, a few slices of fresh lemon and star anise. The scent of star anise is paired with the sweetness of maple syrup, filling your mouth with the warm taste of winter.

6. Ginger Tea

Many people in China have the habit of drinking ginger tea in winter, especially after a cold, a cup of warm ginger tea seems to warm up the whole body after drinking it. But the UK also has the habit of drinking ginger tea. Ginger juice can promote blood circulation, so that your skin always looks rosy and shiny in autumn and winter.

Drinking ginger tea after a meal has the effect of sweating, relieving the surface, warming the lungs and relieving cough, and is beneficial to the treatment of flu, typhoid, and cough. Therefore, it is especially suitable for a cup of warm-up in the cold winter.