Due to differences in regions and cultures, breakfast in different countries will also be different. Some countries have simple breakfasts, others are very heavy, some countries prefer sweet, and some prefer savory.

In this article, we will explore the cultures and customs of each place to experience the history of these traditional breakfasts.

1. Australia

Avo on toas is a classic Australian breakfast that can be found in cafes in Melbourne and is said to have originated in Brisbane. A celebrity chef in the 1990s turned it into a cafe's star breakfast. This healthy breakfast requires only two slices of toast, fresh avocado, and two eggs.

Hard-boiled eggs, sliced or mashed avocado, spread evenly on toast, add a little lemon juice, or a pinch of sea salt to bring out the flavor. You can also add your favorite cheese to taste.

2. America

American breakfast has many items, so it is also called "complex breakfast" and "full breakfast". As an immigrant country, American breakfast brings together elements from different food cultures around the world. Much like an English breakfast, but with more variety: eggs, bacon, ham, sausage or steak and hash browns.

The must-have drink for breakfast is usually coffee, milk, tea or juice. In addition to toast, the staple food can also be replaced by biscuits, waffles, sweet bagels, French croutons, English muffins, croissants and danishes.

3. Colombia

For a culturally and ethnically diverse country like Colombia, the diet also reflects a high degree of integration and compatibility. Contains rice, beans, sausage, coffee, chocolate, dairy products, tropical fruits and more.

And Calentado is a traditional Colombian breakfast. Since most Colombians lived in poverty in the past, in order not to waste food, Calentado re-fried, heated and processed the leftovers from the previous day. These leftovers come together to form a rich breakfast.

4. Mexico

Chilaquiles aren't just a delicious breakfast, they're one of the oldest and most popular Mexican dishes, dating back to the Aztec era. In Nahuatl, this dish is translated as "chili and vegetables".

It's leftover tortillas, chopped and deep fried, and coated with red or green salsa. It is then topped with a fresh cream that is neither sweet nor sour, and served with a fried egg, onions and queso fresco cheese. Many Mexican locals also like to add refried beans, chicken or avocado.

5. Costa Rica

A traditional Costa Rican breakfast is called Desayuno Típico. It's usually black bean rice with garnishes like eggs, cheese and plantains, seasoned with a local seasoning called Salsa Lizano, peppers and coriander, and is always accompanied by a cup of coffee.

6. Argentina

Argentina is a lazy country and they usually wake up lazily and start their day with a light breakfast. Breakfast is heavily influenced by Europe, with espresso and pastries being the most common, borrowing heavily from Italian and Spanish immigrants in the early 20th century.

Facturas are a common local breakfast made from butter. And their fillings are usually milk sauce, papaya sauce, cream or sweet potatoes. A cup of coffee is enough to start the day.