While the UK has its own specialties, they also give cuisines from all over the world the chance to thrive here. One of the most popular dishes among the locals is Italian. Here are some of the most popular Italian restaurants in London.

And even the most ordinary pizza and pasta you might think of, when combined with the Italian love and pursuit of cooking, always taste amazing.

1. Murano

Murano is a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in Mayfair, London. Chef Angela Hartnett cooks a good Italian dish and is very popular on TV food shows. There are two cookbooks named after her. Multiple media rated it as London's Best Celebrity Chef Restaurants.

The overall dining atmosphere of the restaurant is very comfortable and comfortable. The decoration is made of light-colored furniture, such as white tables and chairs and beige wallpaper, with large glass floor-to-ceiling windows to allow as much light into the restaurant as possible.

The lighting at night is also dominated by warm colors, and the whole dining atmosphere is very comfortable. The most recommended is its pumpkin stuffed dumplings, which have a unique flavor and are worth trying.

2. San Carlo Cicchetti

San Carlo Cicchetti is an authentic Italian restaurant, from the modern and modern decoration to the chef and the dishes are all original to restore the taste of an Italian restaurant.

Every season, the chef will create a seasonal menu, ham salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and mozzarella cheese is very fresh, coconut milk chocolate cake is especially rich, and classic pasta, barbecue, risotto and many Venetian-style sharing plates.

San Carlo Cicchetti is very suitable for fine dining in terms of dishes and environment.

3. Padella

Topping many lists is Padella next to London's most famous food market, Borough Market. There is always a long queue outside this restaurant before the meal is opened, and many people are looking for it by smelling the aroma. The recommended appetizer is Wiltshire Burrata, which is a classic Italian cheese snack.

The outside is elastic mozzarella and the inside is smooth and creamy. It tastes a bit like egg white, and it will be served with olive oil and bread. Pasta will change according to the season, and what you get is different every time you go.

Padella has two floors. If you go early, you can get a seat in the open kitchen. You can see the chefs make pasta with your own eyes!

4. Locanda Locatelli

Locanda Locatelli was opened in 2002 by Italian celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli in central London. Giorgio Locatelli is arguably one of the best Italian chefs in the UK. In 2016, he was awarded the Order of Merit by Italy for his outstanding contribution to Italian cuisine, which is equivalent to the British Order of Knighthood.

The restaurant is also usually star-studded, such as Madonna, Stella McCartney, and Depp have all visited Locanda Locatelli many times.

When it comes to Italian restaurants, pasta is definitely a classic dish, pasta with chili hazelnuts, classic lobster pasta and lasagna with cod, caper and anchovies are all worth trying.

5. Bocca di Lupo

It is a family-run Italian restaurant opened in London's Soho district in 2008. The owner of the restaurant is the chef Jacob Kenedy and her husband Victor Hugo. What sets the restaurant apart most is the unpredictable menu, which is updated twice a day.

Many ingredients are shipped from Italy, and each dish is marked next to which region of Italy it is from, but pasta is still handmade every day. The dishes are very rich, the pasta has small plates and large portions that can be shared. In addition to other Italian classics and desserts, the selection is huge!