Europe is a dream place for many people. And a city with a beautiful night view can really make people immersed in the night, unable to extricate themselves.There are four cities in Europe that have an elegant and beautiful temperament and a sense of long history, as well as various ancient buildings.

Every city that the river passes through makes people feel very romantic and can be called a holy place for marriage proposals. Do you know which four are? Let's take a look together!

1. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is located on the Danube River. In this legendary romantic city, it is a beautiful landscape, and the clear blue Danube River runs through the whole city, adding a bit of gentleness and beauty to the city. Budapest has the most beautiful night view in Europe.

At both ends of the Danube, there are many iconic buildings that form a beautiful skyline. Among them, the most shining one in the night sky is the Hungarian Parliament Building.

This majestic and exquisite huge building shines in the night, like a complicated and delicate golden crown, which is more mysterious and moving than in the daytime.

2. Paris, France

Paris is the second largest city in Europe and a world-famous dream capital. Compared with the wonderful daytime, Paris at night is equally dreamy and intoxicating. Everyone must have heard of the Eiffel Iron in Paris.

Under the night scene, it is like the pride of the sky, making people feel that he is the only protagonist of the city. There is also the majestic Seine River, which is more deep and peaceful against the backdrop of the night, as if there is something on my mind.

Walking through it, the whole person seems to have entered a fairy tale dream. The fountains and sculptures passing by seem to be waving to you, like poems and paintings, especially romantic.

3. Vienna, Austria

Known as the "Heart of Vienna". Ancient and modern, quiet and prosperous, are vividly reflected here. During the day, the streets and buildings full of ancient charm, under the illumination of the urban neon, present a fashionable and modern artistic sense.

Especially in the pedestrian street in the city center, the night is not only full of the leisure atmosphere of cafes and restaurants, but also the wonderful sounds of classical music and opera are flowing in the air, which makes people yearn.

On summer nights, you can watch live operas for free on the streets of Vienna, which is so mesmerizing that you won't want to leave for a long time.

4. Tallinn, Estonia

This is a low-key and luxurious medieval city, and the city has a quaint and old sense of history. Around the square of the ancient city, there are many distinctive restaurants. The city is full of warmth and dreams, and it is a good place for people to talk about the world.

The long night, the beautiful scenery of the good time, sit down and enjoy it slowly, not to be disappointed. Generally, people in the ancient city will feel that it is dull and dull on the Internet. In fact, on the contrary, the historical buildings carved through the years are decorated with various lights.

The night in the ancient city can be said to be a lively and prosperous scene.

The above are the four most beautiful cities in Europe. They are simple, elegant, quiet and peaceful. Each of them is a romantic holy place for marriage proposals. Which one is your favorite? Or which one excites you? Hurry up and pack your bags to experience it seriously.