Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural wonders that attract countless people to explore and visit. There are countless waterfalls on Earth, but no two are alike.

Each waterfall has unique legends, properties, and formations, as well as diverse regional history. Here are 8 of the most thrilling and spectacular waterfalls in the world. If you ever get a chance to travel the world, don't forget to check it out.

1. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls, located in Arizona, USA, is known as the largest waterfall in North America not because of its 30-meter drop, but because of its ever-changing appearance.

Lime-laden blue waterfalls tumble down red rocks and drop into an emerald lake in a desert oasis. Looking up at Havasu Falls from the grassy mounds at the foot of the falls is also a unique sight.

2. Gullfoss Falls

Gullfoss Waterfall, also known as the Golden Waterfall, is 125 kilometers away from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It is one of the most popular and famous tourist attractions in Iceland.

The waterfall is 70 meters high and is a fault canyon waterfall in Iceland. The River forms two waterfalls, the upper and lower waterfalls, and the river below narrows into a rapid current.

Especially in summer, when the water volume reaches its peak, the scenery is magnificent.

3. Blue Nile Falls

Known as "Tis Issat" in Amharic, which means smoking water, the Blue Nile Falls are located on the Blue Nile River in northern Ethiopia.

It is also home to a variety of wildlife and birds, and Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia and is believed to be the birthplace of the Qingniluo River.

Although most of its water is now diverted to the power station, it is still a beautiful landscape and one of Ethiopia's most famous tourist attractions.

4. Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls is located in southern Africa, on the Tugela River in Natal Province, South Africa. It is the waterfall with the largest drop in Africa. It is majestic.

The total drop is 944 meters, second only to Angel Falls, ranking second in the world, with the largest drop of 411 meters.

5. Angel Falls

Angel Falls is located in Venezuela, South America, hidden deep in the jungles of Venezuela and Guyana. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world.

Due to the large drop, when the water flows down from the waterfall, it will spread out into rain before landing.

Therefore, there is no pool at the bottom of the waterfall, which is one of the rare miracles in the world. The Cullen River flows straight down from Oyantepuy Mountain on the flat-topped plateau, with a width of 150 meters and a total drop of 979 meters.

6. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located at the junction of Ontario, Canada, and New York, USA. It is composed of three waterfalls. It is one of the most famous wonders on the American continent and the largest transnational waterfall in the world.

With an average flow of 5,720 cubic meters per second and more than 16 million visits per year, it is one of the most visited attractions in the world.

7. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is also known as the largest waterfall in the world.

It is about 108 meters high, 1700 meters wide, and has an average flow of about 935 cubic meters per second. It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world and was included in the World Heritage List in 1989.

8. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are located on the Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu Falls is a group of waterfalls, consisting of 275 small waterfalls or rapids.

The total width of Iguazu Falls is 2.7 kilometers, which is 4 times wider than that of Niagara Falls. The drop ranges from an average of 60 meters to a maximum of 82 meters. Iguazu Falls are rated as the widest waterfall in the world and is part of the World Natural Heritage.