Nowadays, many people will keep a cat to accompany them. There are many kinds of cats, so what kind of cat is better to keep? Here is a secret it is better to choose a beautiful American shorthair cat when picking cats. Here are the reasons why.

1. American Shorthair cats are very docile

Many cats are more irritable and will scratch and bite people, but the American shorthair cat does not. They have a good temper, a docile personality, and are not aggressive at all, and they will not hurt people at will.

Therefore, the American shorthair cat has always been loved by people. If you like docile cats, then don't miss the American Shorthair.

2. American shorthair cats can accompany children

As mentioned above, American shorthair cats are not aggressive, especially for children, they have more patience and tolerance.

Even if the little owner at home accidentally hurts it, it will only endure it silently and will not show aggressive behavior. American Shorthair cats like children.

They usually play and play with their little owners, and they also help their owners take care of the children and accompany them. They are excellent growth companion cats. If you have children at home, then a beautiful shorthair cat is the most suitable.

3. American short cats are smart and beautiful

The beautiful shorthair cats have round heads with bright eyes and are very smart. And there are many kinds of patterns in the American short, the common one is the tabby.

They can be domineering, but also soft and cute, there is always one that fits your aesthetic. It is precisely because American shorthair cats are smart and beautiful, and more and more people are raising them now.

4. The American shorthair cats are very good at catching mice

Now many pet cats have lost the skills of catching mice, and they are even afraid of mice, but the American shorthair cats do not. American shorthair cats are very alert, bold, and agile, and have very good mouse-catching skills.

The beautiful shorthair cats are simply the gospel of the owner who is afraid of mice, there is absolutely nothing wrong with raising them.

5. American Shorthairs listen to their owners

The American Shorthair cats are very intelligent, and also very considerate of their owner.

The American shorthair cats can quickly read the owner's mind, understand the owner's words, and the command issued by the owner, they will immediately execute, and will not betray the owner.

The American shorthair cats are also very sensible. When the owner is unhappy, they will accompany the owner and comfort the owner.

Such obedient and sensible American shorthair cats are usually easier to train. As long as they are trained with snacks, they can also learn a lot of skills.

A well-trained American shorthair cat can also help its owner do many things, such as grabbing things, closing doors, and so on.

6. American Shorthair cats are loyal

The American shorthair cats are also very loyal. As long as it is the owner they recognize, they will never leave the owner's side in this life, and they will follow you with their own life.

But if you treat them badly, then the American shorthair cats may run away from home!

7. American Shorthair cats are in good health

American shorthair cats are native cats in the United States, so their physique is relatively good. As long as they are fed properly, they will not get sick, which not only saves the owner's worries but also saves a lot of money, which is good.

If you had a cat that is often sick, it might make you feel overwhelmed. So if you are trying to choose a cat, it is best to choose an American shorthair.

If you want the American shorthair cat to maintain a good physique, you should also pay more attention to its diet at ordinary times. It must be nutritionally balanced.

The American shorthair cat needs enough nutrients to enhance its resistance so that its physique will be better.