Canada's vast province of British Columbia has many beautiful attractions for self-driving tours, many of which are linked together. This article will introduce you to seven routes.

Whether you want to have fun for a few weeks, or a day or two, there is a route that works for you. It will bring you endless surprises!

1. Sea-to-Sky Highway

Take in the beautiful scenery as you drive to the Haitian Expressway. This winding road between Vancouver and Whistler earns its name. On one side is the blue water, on the other is a cliff, and looking up is an incomparably broad blue sky.

Cross waterfalls, rivers, canyons and mountains, and towns from sea to sky.

If you want to learn about the Aboriginal history of the area, there are several design signs in the shape of cedar bark hats, keep an eye out for them along the way, and you can also learn historical stories about the area's first inhabitants.

2. The Pacific Marine Circle Route

If you like surfing, the beach, and the sand, this is the place for you. Old-growth forests and the best casual dining restaurants are all just a few hours' drive away.

From Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the route heads west, past food hotspots in Sooke to large surf beaches on the southwest coast, with panoramic views of the Juan de Fuca Strait.

3. Vancouver to Tofino

Rent an off-road vehicle and drive on the BC highway from Vancouver to Tofino.

This scenic drive will take you from the hustle and bustle of the big city into the quiet, quaint town, and you'll leave Vancouver for a ferry ride to Vancouver Island before heading to Canada's surf capital.

You'll want to make more than half a dozen stops along the way through vast tracts of an ancient forest, as there are incredible hikes, long stretches of sandy beaches, and stunning scenery along the way.

4. The Coastal Circle Route

Along the Coastal Circle Route, you can enjoy seaside scenery and forest driftwood, and you will be amazed by these gifts of nature! Follow the east coast of Vancouver Island to the Sunshine Coast and back.

The tour includes at least four ferries, and if you choose to explore some of the smaller islands along the way, more leisure time is required, ranging from a few days to a week.

Here you can admire the living and working environment of residents and the art studios of local artists. The fashionable handicrafts of artisans and charming gardens are the highlights of this route.

5. The Mountains & Vineyards Circle Route

Drive through the grape country and visit the hot spring resort. This outdoor adventure center in the Kootenay Rocky Mountains is well-received by travelers.

Start in southeastern BC, along the lakes and vineyards of the Okanagan Valley, through Canada's only desert, past the peaks and glaciers of the Rocky Mountains.

There are also golf courses, mountain biking trails, historic towns, mountain resorts, and hot springs that will keep you entertained.

6. The Hot Springs Circle Route

This hot springs route traverses the Kutna Rocky Mountains region of BC and sees a series of natural hot springs along the way.

From luxury resorts to hidden woods, we will take you through the most stunning lake and mountain scenery, learn about the richest railway history, see natural wildlife and go on fun outdoor adventures. Pack your bags and go!

7. The Great Northern Circle Route

The fabled Alaska Highway is on the wish list of many travel enthusiasts. The most natural wildlife can be seen here, such as stone sheep, elk, grizzly and black bears.

Natural thermal pools, ancient totem poles, legendary fishing, snow-covered glaciers, and the magical Northern Lights, this route starts and ends here with Prince George.